Smartphone + Magisto + You = Video Must-See Magic

Jerry at Cold Hollow Cider Mill Magisto is a new smartphone app that automatically edits iPhone or Android footage (video and photographic) into a finished video.

You simply download the app “Magisto”, create an account (free or paid, paid is $5/month or $18/year), then:

  1. Upload up to 10 minutes of video from your phone (note it doesn’t work with iPads…yet)
  2. Choose a template and music
  3. Let Magisto work its magic

The result is a finished video that’ll last up to one minute and 15 seconds.  Here’s one I did:

After I did the above, I shared the finished video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest in seconds, all from within the Magisto App.

An awesome tool for making your videos come to life without all the “techy” stuff that often plagues business owners.

And since Magisto focuses on the action within your videos, this is a great tool for capturing/combining videos of product demonstrations, performances, children’s sports, etc.  What it’s not so great at?  PowerPoint presentations…

Please share this post with your friends and family (click on icon over to the left) — it’s an awesome (and free) tool for anyone with a smartphone who wants to make quick videos to share.