2009 At-a-Glance

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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

I'm amazed at the amount of emails and calls (yep, people are still using the phone!) asking me what programs I'll be coming out with in 2009.  As a result, I wanted to give a quick "2009 At-a-Glance" for those of you who are interested:

  • Launch of "Revenue Roadmap" — for those who understand the importance of systems and want to leapfrog over figuring them out on their own — details coming soon
  • Accepting applications for my Success Mastermind Program (starts in February) — email Gina@SandraMartini.com for an application
  • Release of 90 Day Intensive Online Business Builder Mentoring Program Home Study — due out in mid-February
  • Accepting 3 private clients to work 1-on-1 with me in January– email Gina@SandraMartini.com to learn more
  • Debut of Clients-Only Newsletter (and you think the ezine is good!) — for clients only
  • 2-day workshop coming this fall — details coming soon
  • . . .and a whole lot more stuff I'm not quite ready to share yet  🙂

If you're ready to figure out just what the heck you should be doing in order to maximize profits while minimizing overwhelm, I'll be giving you lots of ways to do it…you just gotta pick the ones that work best for you.