A new, and I think better, way to plan for 2010 #fb

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As I plan for 2010 and reflect on all that happened in 2009, I realize that there are several things I was tolerating in 2009 which will not be a part of my 2010.

You may choose to call this “adhering to boundaries” or “acknowledging and eliminating pet peeves”, I simply refer to it as clearing space.

After all, if my energy isn’t being ursurped by the things which take, rather than nourish, there’s more space for those things which I want to attract.

In case you’re wondering, clearing space (and energy) isn’t meant to be negative…it’s about respecting my time, energy and “self” — after all, those things we tolerate have a way of taking over and affecting our creativity, ability to manifest and general well-being.  And my family, and clients, deserve the best me I can give them.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you were tolerating in 2009 and how your 2010 will be different — I’d love to hear from you!