2017 Goals: Week 3 of 52 Update

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Sandra Martini shares Week 3 of 52 Progress Report on status of 2017 Goals.

So here we go. . .Week 3’s Progress Report with 343 days to go.  This was not a good week for getting closer to goal achievement — while I’ve driven from Mass to South Carolina and back several times, this time it took a lot out of me.

Oddly, WordPress isn’t allowing me to upload any more pics so they’re missing from here and I’ll share on my Instagram.

If you missed the full description of each goal, you can read about them at 2017 List of Goals.

My Goals for 2017

The Art of Extreme Client Care

  1. Publish my book and achieve Amazon Bestseller Status. There was a lot of writing, with little that feels “keepable” from last week.  A combination of notes, must include “somewheres” and sketches that all culminated in the feeling that a long writing session — more than the hour I’ve been allotting each morning is on its way.

Fruits and veggies for reversing diabetes

  1. Release additional 49 pounds.  Down 2 pounds (so down 60 total total and 48 left on this goal). Enjoying the warmer weather of South Carolina, I’ve been able to walk more, both with and without the dogs.  And food-wise, it’s easy to eat well when you come into a home that has only a few items in the freezer.  Spent under $20 at the grocery store and was able to stock up on nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies for the week having brought whole oats and my protein powders with me.
  1. In addition to *regular* clients, partner privately with 5 business owners.  Had two consults for private mentoring and recommended both business owners join my Escalate Program for a few months before we follow-up on working together privately.
  1. Complete Paula Eder’s Decluttering Challenge. Week 3 was to donate/sell/discard 3 items.  Donated/gave 17 items to a combination of library (2 books), friends (7 pots, 2 vases, 1 glass ball) and Goodwill.  My goal within the goal is to, at a minimum, mark off each of the 52 weeks so until the higher weeks are marked off will start with those.  Weeks 11, 17 and 18 have been done.

Escalator Marketing Program

  1. Simplify my business offerings and fully flush out the Escalator (funnel) for each of the programs, products and services that remains.  Listed out all of my private consulting/mentoring programs and eliminated all but three of them.  Next up is to update the website (that’ll be a project for next week).  Did not update the site yet — moving to next week. — no change from week 2.

  1.   Read a minimum of 52 books in 52 weeks.  When I’m tired yet can’t fall asleep, I grab a book.  This week I read 2 books: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.  I’ve read both before and highly recommend them.  47 books to go.
  1. Complete 50 projects.  Grrr…when I left SC for MA, I asked the post office to forward my mail.  Turns out they forwarded SOME of the mail and not MOST of the mail.  Unexpected project this week? Go through six weeks of mail — including several bills for things that aren’t online in this county and so need to be paid by mail (car registration anyone?).
  1. Post at least 50 videos.  Next week…it’s on the calendar. Here’s the link to my YouTube page if you want to subscribe and get updates.  Nope, no update here either.   🙁
  1. Give back/Pay it forward to 12 different organizations. Sticking with random acts of kindness in January, I bought groceries and dog food for a family in need.
  1. Spend quality time with my family: Enjoy a minimum of 45 dates with DH (Darling Hubby), 25 “Sis” outings and as much as possible with my nieces, nephews and friends.  Went out and about for an afternoon with a Southern girlfriend.  So 2 dates with DH and 1 with Sis so far this year.
  1. 3 secret goals that I won’t be talking about until they’re accomplished. While I’ll be tracking and writing about them in real time, I won’t be sharing for now.  These are slow going this week.

And, above all, be focused yet forgiving for those times when life interferes and things don’t happen as planned.

What about you? Did you make goals for 2017? How are they going?

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