$300 for $8 — GREAT STUFF

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While playing around on the computer a couple of weeks ago, I saw a promotion from Yanik Silver for his new Maverick Business Insider.

For less than $8, he’s offering several “in the mail” goodies worth just under $300 including his latest book “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs”, audio program, wall poster, closed session DVD, etc.

My set arrived via priority mail just before I left for Orlando and I read through it on the plane — I think it’s more-than-worth checking out for yourself at Maverick Business Insider. While I haven’t even watched the DVD or listened to the audio yet (saving those for the flight home), here’s what one of my clients posted to Yanik on Twitter:

“Got your package of goodies. Loving the CD already. Lots of ideas sparked – only a problem in car cuz I can’t write em all down.”