4 Decisions Holding Your Business Success Hostage

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4 Notes As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re a funny bunch. Quirky (in good ways of course) to be sure, often unemployable (also a good thing) but often also pretty silly. We see better for others than for ourselves.

In almost 10 years of working with hundreds of business owners and reflecting on things I’ve done, there are 4 silly things which I’ve discovered hold us back from the success we seek:

  1. That cross between perfectionism and “no one can do it better than me”. Usually a case of not hiring, not hiring the right people or not training them on “our” way. Personally I’ve made all three mistakes over the years and my business is very happy I’ve learned from them, although perfectionism is a constant battle.
  2. Being too money-focused or, rather, cheap. Not hiring/outsourcing because we don’t want to spend the money. So, on the one hand, preaching abundance and, on the other, doing tasks better suited for someone else because we don’t want to invest in delegating to those who can do it faster, and often better, than us. It’s difficult to bill $150/hour when you’re doing $50/hour work.
  3. Not investing in our business. Whether it’s much needed training, software, services or team members, trying to save every penny for a rainy day and not noticing that it’s drizzling all around. I invested in one piece of software for $197 last year and it’s saved me over $2,000 of real dollars since. Imagine if I’d invested sooner. . .
  4. Ignoring our bubbles; what we need for self care. Personally, seeing bad news/things happening to people or animals upsets me. Having my “bubble” intact means my Team knows not to share those things with me. It means I volunteer and help where and how I’m able. It means I take time for self care so that I can both “live and give”. What does it mean for you?

Look over the above list objectively.

  • Where are you living outside your bubble?
  • Where are you stepping over dollars to get to dimes?
  • What investments will serve your business?

I’d love to hear the answers if you wish to share them. Simply comment below or email me at SandyM @ TheMartiniWay.com. 🙂