5 Steps to Shifting Your Energy

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OfficeA colleague was hosting a “Find Your Desk” day last week and I decided to join.

While I couldn’t participate in the actual day, I committed to doing and did on my own.

Step 1 for me was move my desk. My normal 6-foot desk with curved arm is now about 4” with the arm (it had an extension we took off) and relocated it so I can more easily see my whiteboard and annual wall calendar.

It hadn’t dawned on me that the existing setup was putting more pressure on my herniated discs in the way I needed to turn to see the whiteboard and calendar.

That one “tweak” created such a shift of energy in the office.

And. . .it’s better set up for videos. Look for regular videos to come out starting next week. There’s been such a shift in energy – why didn’t I do this before?!?! Added benefits are that I can still see my favorite maple tree with bird feeders and Buddy the Lhasa Apso is still under my desk in his “happy” place. 

Step 2 was to go through my bookcase and identify items I no longer need. There are now 3 piles: library donations, “book box” (company that takes books library doesn’t want) donations and Escalate!/GIDR Member donations (books/trainings are posted in our Facebook group and first come, first get – each person can choose one and we send them). The last is called my “Clearing Off the Bookshelves” event and is a win/win for Community Members and me.

In perfect synchronicity, a client I was speaking with yesterday mentioned that she would love the materials from a specific training. In my “Clearing” pile was a DVD set of that exact training. In the mail it went.

Step 3 was to update my whiteboard with 90 day goals and my “rewards” for achieving them. Note that the goals are both business and personal to keep me fully focused.

Step 4 was to commit to an eating style that best serves my body and an exercise routine I can do without causing additional disc damage (walking!) and start. I was out in 95 degree weather yesterday.

Step 5 was to enlist the support of my team in keeping my writing times uninterrupted.

And, perhaps the biggest step in shifting up the energy in my office (and life) was to make the decision to be committed to my goals rather than have them be “convenient”. That one mindset shift, combined with the office reorg, has lit a spark unlike anything else.

After all, when I’m at my best, I’m able to be provide my best for my clients.

Please comment below and let me know how you shift up your energy/the energy of your business. I’d love to hear from you.