AI: Why we’re not embracing the trend

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Do you use AI (artificial intelligence) in your business? Chat GPT has gotten the most promotion (especially since Microsoft is backing them) and Google announced that it’s coming out with its own version called BARD.

We don’t currently use AI. And we have no plans to start.

We’ve gotten some pushback on “why” and I wanted to share with you the primary reasons. 

First, if AI writes our content, we don’t (DUH!). 

And if the content doesn’t come from us, how do you know we have a clue about the topic? 

Sort of like a student using AI for their term papers and they fail the test as they don’t know the topic.

When I’m working with clients or answering questions in our GIDR Community, I have to be able to answer off the top of my head. You can only do that when you know your topic and know it well. 

If I write about it, I know it. And I want you to know that. Period.

And second, several colleagues have tested AI and used the same phrases aside from one word to check for bias. Time and time again, different biases come up.

If there’s bias in our content (like our belief of Extreme Client Care™ in all things), it’s because we’re biased, not because a computer program is.  

If you use AI, keep the above in mind and, like all things, go in eyes wide open.