Are you 10 minutes from happiness?

It wasn’t long ago when a friend asked me what I was tolerating in my life.

Tolerating? Me? I have a husband I adore and who adores me, 5 fabulous pets, a house we’re comfortable in, supportive friends and family and a business which fulfills me while allowing me to help others. What could I possibly be tolerating?

You see, I was working on a project that I just couldn’t get my hands around and I couldn’t figure out why. I was enthused about the project, just blocked somehow.

So I sat down with pen and paper to make a list of everything I was tolerating (although that seemed like a strong word to me). In 15 minutes, I had over 100 items.

I was shocked. Even more shocking, once I made a list (I hadn’t even done anything with it yet), my creative juices started flowing again. It was as if a dam was somehow let loose inside and I could tackle anything. 🙂

To show you that my list was not earth shattering by any means, here are a few of the items that I wrote:

=> a client who had overstepped the boundaries of our relationship

=> deck needed repainting

=> business plan was not yet on wall calendar

=> living room needed rearranging

=> pantry had outgrown itself

=> catch up with friends who I had lost touch with

=> informational website page needed additional testimonials added to it

=> light bulb in office task light was harsh “white” instead of soft

=> need to hire a “fish guy” to take care of my office aquarium

=> spend less time with someone who was “glass half empty”

=> car CD player needed fixing

=>several products are waiting for their information pages to be written

=> when was last time I painted (something I love to do)

My list was made up of over 90 more items like this.

Individually, the items were simple, easy-to-do/handle and, quite honestly, I didn’t even realize that some of them were bothering me. All together, however, they represented a vat of unconscious negativity that assaulted me everywhere I turned.

I had no idea what the sum total of all these little nagging things meant to my subconscious. But now, well now they were on *THE LIST*. And being on *THE LIST* meant they could be dealt with.

And so I dealt with them: some were done by me, some were on my “honey do” list and others were delegated or hired out. And as each thing was crossed off the list, my creativity and happiness increased exponentially.

I thought I had loved my home and my business BEFORE, but now, well now I was on a whole different playing field. And, because nature abhors a vacuum, I began attracting all types of positive things: my coaching practice filled up, my products were selling better than ever and I was invited to co-author a book.

So as my creativity and happiness soared, so did my bank account!

My Request to You

I challenge you to take the 15 minutes and make a list of everything YOU’RE tolerating.

Not sure or don’t think you have anything, take a walk around your home and jot things down as you see them. Next time the phone rings, do you joyfully pick it up or do you cringe when you see who it is?

Everything, and I mean *everything* that does not bring you joy needs to go on your list! It doesn’t mean you have to tackle it all at once, but at least you’ll have a list to start from when you’re ready. And I’m willing to bet that some of the items on your list will take less than 10 minutes and cost you nothing!

And then, if you really want to shock yourself into action, determine how much money these tolerations have cost you in lost opportunities, clients and creativity.

Go forth and claim the life and business you dream of!