Are you missing these 3 opportunities when listening to teleseminars?

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I've been involved in thousands of teleseminars over the years — whether as a host, guest or listener.

And while they vary greatly in terms of quality and behind-the-scenes finesse, that's not what we're talking about today.

As a LISTENER on a teleseminar, most people overlook how they can get the most of out every call they sign up for:

  1. Check out my article on getting the most from seminars and workshops — many of those tips apply to teleseminars as well.
    1.  eg: have an Action List notepad ready to write down things you can do immediately
  2. Interested in the topic and speaker? Show up live and prepare questions ahead of time so you're not caught up in the moment and can get some free laser coaching.
    1.  You'll be surprised at how few people show up live AND prepared with a question!
  3. Ask questions and ALWAYS state your name AND websitethis is FREE exposure for you! Especially since pretty much everyone records the calls and sends it out to everyone who registered (yep…more exposure for you and your business).

Remember to look at everything you do in your business, every minute of how you use your time and ask yourself if you're getting the ABSOLUTE MOST out of it: the most productivity, the most exposure — essentially, is it worth your spending your time to do it?