Are you throwing money out the window?

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You know that feeling when you sign up for a new program or service — this is THE one, the one which will answer all your questions, particularly if it comes with a resource library of some sort.
You go in all bright-eyed and then it happens. . .life interferes.
Perhaps another program caught your eye (and wallet) or a well-meaning coach told you you're spending too much time working "in" your business and not "on" it.
Regardless, you're pulled off course and don't use the benefits you've paid for.
There it goes. . .more money out the window. . .and you?
You're wondering why you didn't achieve everything the program/service promised or you know why and you're frustrated with yourself for once again drowning in overwhelm.

The solution?
  1. Review the program and make a decision about what you're going to accomplish as a result of it BEFORE you sign up.
  2. Review the program benefits and determine how and when you're going to use them.
  3. Recognize that you have to work IN your business so that you have a business to work ON — too many people advise against working "in" your business and, quite frankly, that's a mistake.
  4. Do the work.  Whatever program you sign up for is going to require you to do more than simply show up to the calls, take info in via osmosis and have instant results. 
Doing the above sounds like a no brainer when you read it here, but I can count on one hand the number of programs I've managed/been part of where members used all their benefits.
My Request to You
While signing up for new programs and services is exciting and often motivating in and of itself, know WHY you're doing it and go through each of the above steps to ensure you're getting the absolute most from every program you're a part of.
After all, your business deserves your best.  
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