Lessons from Tim Ferriss in Avoiding Membership Program Overwhelm

Membership Program Overwhelm
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One of the biggest issues with membership programs is that members are too overwhelmed to take action.

Are you considering a membership program or do you already have one?

If so, you’ll want to check out Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World by Tim Ferriss.

Not for the content, although it’s great.

The book, at almost 600 pages, has the ability to overwhelm — chances are you cringed a bit when reading “almost 600 pages” — and yet it doesn’t.

He set it up so that each mentor’s interview tops out at 3-4 pages (think James Patterson’s short chapters) so you can pick it up when you have just a few minutes. If it stopped there, it’d be good.

Here’s where Ferriss really shines with Tribe of Mentors:

— It includes a section with links to extended interviews for those mentors you want to dive deeper with.

— There’s a list of free resources which complement the lessons in the book.

— When a question really speaks to you, you can check out the an “index by question” section with the name/page number of all the mentors who answered that particular question. After all, who doesn’t want to know what “the best in the world” do when they feel overwhelmed or unfocused? Or, what recent purchase of under $100 most positively impacted their lives?

When designing your membership, subscription, group program or even book, it’s easy to overwhelm by over-delivering with your content. Ferriss does a brilliant job of organizing this book so you can get just what you want when you want it without spending 20 minutes searching.

The challenge? A strong desire to teach, share and provide a fantastic program often leads to overwhelm. All the content in the world doesn’t help if your members don’t take action or see results.

How will you avoid membership program overwhelm for your members?

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