Blackberry and PDA: Are you addicted?

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Years ago when I was still working in a corporate environment, it was a requirement that I had my Blackberry with me at all times.  It actually became a joke among my friends and family and my Dad was convinced it was an extension of my hand.

When I left corporate and formed my own business, the first thing I did was…you guessed it…ran out and bought a Blackberry.

I’m happy to say that over the years, I’ve come to regard my Blackberry as something which gives me a sense of freedom rather than as something I “must do”.

While swimming the other day, I noticed one guy furiously doing his laps and every two laps stopping and hovering over the side of the pool.  Want to guess what he was doing?

Yep. . .he was checking his Blackberry.  Turns out he had it in a Ziploc baggy and would check and type emails every couple of laps. 

I was torn between wanting to swim over and give him a gentle “whap” on the head and ask him to let it go for just a little bit or give him a hug and my card for some coaching on how NOT to be addicted – from a former Blackberry addict.

Take some time every day to go SOMEWHERE without your Blackberry, PDA, Treo, Palm, etc. and just BE!