Brain pathways to success by Bonnie Hutchinson

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I watched a video of a brain in action and it’s expanded my mind.

Imagine your hands with your fingers spread apart, with the fingertips of your two hands reaching toward each other. Imagine moving your hands together so the fingers are interlocking.

That’s kind of how the video of the brain looked.

First we could see pathways in the brain – it looked like a complicated three-dimensional road map with many pathways crisscrossing.

As the camera zoomed in even more, we could see the little net-fingered brain cells moving constantly – busy mind! Then we watched as two brain cells “talked” to each other – like little fingers waving to each other. And then, in one instant, they interlocked, and became a single pathway.

There is one difference between interlocking fingers and interlocking brain cells. When our fingers interlock, we can move them apart. But once brain cells have such frequent contact that they connect, they are permanently interlocked.

When two brain cells talk to each other frequently, they create a pathway. These brain pathways are not just mental connections, they are physical connections. If the pathways are used often, they become roadways and then superhighways of repeating thought patterns. These show up in our lives as beliefs, recurring emotions and habits.

And the point is…

Okay, I found this stuff fascinating. But what does this have to do with anything important in your life or my life? What does this have to do with being an entrepreneur?

Create new pathways in the brain

Like many entrepreneurs, I’m making a lot of changes in my life and business right now. Not only that, but changing world conditions require adjustments if not radical shifts.

In my personal life, and in the larger world, same old same old isn’t working. Old patterns of thinking, patterns of emotion and patterns of behavior that made sense at one time do not always serve me (or us) now.

I bet you have a few of those old patterns too, right?

Well, if you’re anything like me, this process of changing patterns of thought, emotion and behavior is not instant and not consistent. I have good days and days when I feel like I’ve regressed.

Watching the video of the “talking brain cells” forming a permanent pathway shook me up. I thought, “Wow, my brain is full of pathways that formed when I had a completely different life.”

For a moment I was discouraged. Then came the obvious conclusion – I can create new pathways.

Visualization changes pathways in the brain

You probably already know that visualization is a powerful technique to magnetize more of what you want into your life. One of the reasons is that it adds new pathways in the brain.

When you visualize the experience of your perfect life and business, when you visualize the wealth and joy, your body actually changes heartbeat and breathing (just as when you watch a thriller movie, your heartbeat and breathing change, even though you know it’s just an illusion). The physical sensations and changes create new pathways in your brain. When visualizing your perfect life and business, the feelings of appreciation and fun also create new pathways in your brain.

When you have more and more brain pathways about your perfect life and business, it just gets easier. Larger proportions of your brain cells create beliefs, thoughts, emotions and habits that create momentum. Your energy is in alignment and you experience more and more of whatever it is that you desire.

Now that I’ve seen the video of a brain in action, I’m visualizing pathways in my brain that create a superhighway of wealth, love and joy!

Your Coaching Challenge

Spend five minutes every day imagining and visualizing pathways in your brain that are completely in alignment with your perfect life and business. Imagine these pathways becoming wider and smoother until they are superhighways of thought patterns, emotions and behaviors magnetically in alignment with your perfect life and business.

Going Global

In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins says that one person operating at a high vibrational level is enough to compensate for hundreds or even thousands of people operating at a lower vibration. Imagine that in every part of the world, more and more people are expanding and uplifting the pathways in their brains so they operate at a high vibrational level.

Bonnie Hutchinson has been an entrepreneur and spiritual journeyer for more than twenty years. She discovered that when she wove her spiritual practices into work with clients, the results were awesome. She now shares the techniques she has honed and refined, so other entrepreneurs can align their business with the power of their soul’s wisdom and the universal flow. Clients talk about the power of her coaching to help them dissolve blocks and fears, magnetize their perfect life and business and attract joyful wealth. Visit for more information and to sign-up for her free special report titled “7 Crucial Steps to Align Your Business and Your Soul”.