Business Resources During COVID-19

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There are SO many resources right now for small-to-mid-sized businesses. Whether you regularly work from home or are new to remote working. 

In addition to serving clients, we’re using this time to:

  • Set up new routines/rituals to serve us 
  • “Go slow to go fast” — reviewing existing processes, nurturing sequences, etc. and updating/refreshing as needed
  • Go through the trainings we’ve bought and haven’t yet completed/implemented

Here are some (we’ll update as we discover additional) to support you during this time of virus, lockdowns, potential recession and more. 


  • Wondering if you should be selling or if it’s in bad form?
One thing many businesses are wondering is if they should continue selling or if it’s “in bad form” to do. If you’ve been wondering, check out this interesting article in Forbes:
Here’s an excerpt (emphasis is mine):
“Why on earth would Apple release new products during the coronavirus pandemic? Who would buy a $350 keyboard when millions of people are set to lose their jobs? Has Apple lost its way?
The fact that Apple is continuing to move forward with its release schedule is a very good thing, and within a long tradition of the company meeting financial challenges in the market with innovation. Apple knows that the downturn will eventually end, and when it does, the company wants to be able to maintain a leadership position in the market. Innovation is in the company’s DNA.”