Celebrating #30DayBlog Challenge Completers/Finishers

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CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who signed up for the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

It's tough to commit to doing something every day, especially when life interferes and things seem to conspire to take you off course.

Of those who officially registered, the following achieved their goal of blogging 30 times in 30 days:

Melissa McCreery, Too Much On Her Plate

Joan Celebi, Special Needs Parent Coach

Daphne Bousquet, Oh What Fun Events

Jennifer Miller, Jennifer V. Miller, Mastering the People Equation

Meredith Eisenberg, Tame the Internet Monster

Lily Iatridis, Boomerang Presentations

Vicky Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor

Tammy Redmon, The Coaches Coach and Tammy Redmon

Diane Stephenson, My Healthy Living

Lisa Montanaro, Decide to be Organized!

oh yeah…and me, www.FromTheDeskOfSandraMartini.com 🙂

Please take a second or two to read over everyone's name and sites above — notice the wide variety of industries.  This shows that yes, YOU can blog for YOUR business!

Also, I read several of the posts from several of the members listed above and there's a lot of great info out there — schedule some time to check it out.

Whether you made this list or not, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who tried and posted more than usual.

And, for those of you who did make the list, keep an eye out for a special prize early next week (and in case you're wondering, YEP. . .I will be getting a prize too!). 🙂