Client Experience: 3 examples of what not to do and 1 winner

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Imagine you receive a monthly subscription of dog food. An email comes in that the food’s on its way.

A few days later, another email… food’s been delivered. 

Only no food was delivered. Hmm…

Another day goes by, still no food. You call the company. Their response? The package was damaged in shipment so we had the delivery company return it to us. 

“And yet your company sent an email saying it was delivered?”

Their response? “It was, back to us. We figured you’d call when you noticed you didn’t receive it.”


You decide to order out. Go online to get the info and the site is down.

Asking Siri for their phone number, you call them to place an order.

Their response: We don’t take orders over the phone, only via the website and in person. 

You tell them their site is down. 

Their response: “We don’t take orders over the phone, you can come in and order, we only have a 40-minute wait for take-out.”


You have a recurring subscription for a supplement. They email to say you can now order 3 months at a time and they’ll save shipping and packaging. 

You ask if they’re passing along any of the savings to the customer.

Their response: “No. Would you like to sign up and pay for 3 months now?”


You walk into a juice shop and are immediately greeted. 

The clerk lets you know that his name is Duncan, all juices are 10% off and to let him know if you have any questions about the juices or the smoothie menu. 

When you order, he asks if you have a punch card and offers one. When you leave, he thanks you for coming and says he hopes to see you again soon. 


Each of these happened in the last week. And, with the exception of the last one which was fantastic service (and I told both Duncan and Rachel, the owner, so), I have to wonder what the business owners would think if they knew the service their customers experience.

And your business?