Creating a Business Card Which Works FOR, Not Against, You

How many events have you attended where someone hands you a typical business card — straight from the local printer, and looking like every other one out there – or, sadly, printed from a home printer with the perforation marks still showing.

Not the best first impression you could make.  Seriously.

In fact, I’ve received so many of these cards that I felt compelled to write a “How To” on “How to Create a Business Card Which Works FOR, Not Against, You.”

In it, we cover how to amp up a regular business card in order to generate new, and lasting, connections as opposed to having a card which goes into “the pile” and undoubtedly ends up in a drawer or the trash — as well as other, outside-the-box “cards” which will certainly make you stand out.

What would you DO if someone handed you a card which looks like yours – and “DO” is the critical word here.  Go ahead, get yours and take a hard look at it – I’ll wait.

Does it inspire action?

If not, you’ll want to grab a copy of this 15-page “How To” for only $14.95 immediately.  It could make all the difference at your next event or workshop.