Do you have THIS basic covered in your biz?

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Every once in a while I see something which makes me just ask WHAT?!?.

In setting up your business, one of the VERY first things you want to do is tell everyone about what you're doing and the results you can bring your clients (just think of the referrals!).

And one of the easiest ways to do that?

Your email signature.

I see so many email signatures which list contact details only with no reason WHY I should contact you. WHAT results do you provide? Tell me and everyone who reads your emails!

And that leads me to your actual email address. . .

What do email accounts from a non-business domain such as gmail, AOL, MSN, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. say about your business and your level of professionalism (it's okay to use them for personal correspondence, but your business?)?

It costs you $10 for a domain through GoDaddy and little more for a *real* email account compared to the benefit for your business. The saddest part of all here is that you're losing clients and you don't even know it!

My Request to You

Please carve out an hour or two this week to look – really look – at how you're communicating with clients and prospects.

Is your email address and signature, the way you sign your name all indicative of a professional business or could the emails just as easily be coming from a friend or family member with no business at all?

And then ask yourself: "Would YOU do business with you, purely based on what you see?" Keep tweaking until the answer is a resounding YES!