Extreme Client Care: The Final Frontier in Business

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Until recently, whenever I heard the words “the final frontier”, I thought of Star Trek. Now, however, it makes me think of business:

Business owners have waged war on prices, bonuses, early bird specials, scarcity tactics, buy one/get one offers, reputations, affiliate commission payouts and gifts, bring-a-friend specials and pretty much everything else you can think of.

The final frontier is service.

Good, even great, customer service is no longer enough.

You have to practice Extreme Client Care™ — it’s not about providing great customer service. It IS about providing a recurring, memorable client experience.

And, the best part… it’s easier than you think, particularly when you design systems so it happens automatically whenever possible:

* Send birthday cards/gifts
* Openly promote your clients whenever you get the chance
* Create nurturing sequences to teach your clients how to consume your products
* Create QuickStart calls for new programs
* Hosting an event? Give attendees a thumb drive with all presentations and audio bonuses
* Include f.r.e.e. shipping
* Send a welcome gift to new clients or newsletter subscribers
* Remember, it’s about THEM, not you
* Hosting an event? Give attendees a postage-paid priority mail box to send binders home
* Design and implement referral plan

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Extreme Client Care™ involves giving clients what they want/expect and, beyond that, what they don’t even know they want/expect. . .that is, until you give it to them.

It makes you unique in your industry and it keeps you top of mind with your clients.

My Request to You:

How can you practice Extreme Client Care™ in your business? Grab a pen and paper and make a list now.

And remember, anything you implement is more than you’re doing now and your clients will notice!

Are you going to file this away, thinking you’ll “get to it when you have time” or are you going to take action now? I’d love to read how you plan on offering Extreme Client Care™ below…