Facebook Faux Pas

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I'm sponsoring a Free Gift site through July 9th — 22 different entrepreneurs, including me, created a free giveaway (not the "same old" gift on their sites).

Depending on the biz owner and who she serves (yep, all women), the gifts are for business owners, consumers, moms, caregivers or a combo and include some pretty amazing info.

To help get the word out — after all, there's no general opt-in required, sign up only for those gifts which interest you — I sent out a Facebook event invite.

And while we're all bombarded with Facebook event invites, there are several things you can choose to do:

  1. Accept the invite — good to do if you're attending or have an interest in
  2. Remove the event from your listing — easily done by you or a team member
  3. Decline the invite — also easily done by you or a team member
  4. Ignore the invite — easiest short-term…long-term they clutter up your Facebook management page

What doesn't make sense however, is to write on the Event Wall "Thank you for the invitation, but I will not be able to attend" — an obvious cookie cutter phrase used by several who didn't bother to see that there's nothing to attend.  🙁

I'm all for simplifying what you do and how you do it.  And I'm certainly all for the use of trained, qualified team members to help do that.

It has to make sense however. . .otherwise we can just look plain silly.  🙂

And if you'd like to see the gifts being offered, please visit www.FreeFromUsToYou.com