First I was sad. . .and then I got mad

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If you've been following me for at least a few weeks, you probably know that I'm hosting a new Create Your Best Fall Ever program starting next week — one where you're guaranteed to walk away with a mapped out revenue plan, after Day 1.

While speaking with someone about the program this week, she asked about the value, sharing that she's enrolled in several programs which cost multiple times the amount of this one despite offering a lot less.

And that's when I got sad. . .

In a totally separate conversation, a new client shared that she got more value from an hour with me than in the high end programs she's participated in to date.

. . .and that's when I got mad. . .

Of all the trends, hype and BS we see in the online world, there's one which saddens me more than most.

It's the perception that it's not just acceptable, but necessary to charge obscene prices (my opinion) so that clients step up, do the work and become engaged in THEIR own businesses.

Seriously? "We're" saying that unless you shell out tens of thousands of dollars, you won't show up for your business?

It makes no sense to me.

Why would you own your own business — with all the rewards and sacrifices it entails – if you're not ready and willing to do the work?

This isn't about learning a new skill, hiring a consultant to help optimize your business, or partnering with a strategist to ensure you're getting the most out of the time, energy and money you're spending.

It's about being told/believing you need to pay thousands of dollars to be accountable to someone other than yourself — trust me, no one cares more about your business, your success (as you define it) and your impact more than YOU.

Of course, there's also the latest, and perfected by many, trend of limiting access so that it's easier to reach some heads of state than it is a coach — all based on the perception that the higher the prices and the lower the access, the better the info. 


I'm calling for a return to sanity.

Are you with me?