Getting to Know Your Clients

Get to Know Your Customers Day
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Remember the days when people knew your name? When you knew the people you did business with, and they knew you? When personal attention was the norm?

I remember when a bookstore owner would pick up the phone and call me when a certain book came in or when Maria’s Gifts got that special cranberry glass I’d wanted to give as a gift and they called to let me know they set it aside for me to see.

While that still exists to a certain point, it’s less and less, particularly with online shopping/ordering and mail delivery of pretty much everything.

The next “Get To Know Your Customer Day” is July 15th — knowing that repeat clients and customers are the lifeblood of a successful business, here are some things you can easily do to let your clients know you’re thinking of them:

  • Send out a survey to get to know them (don’t ask what they want to buy from you!) and offer them a complimentary report/resource/goodie for when they complete.
  • Pay attention to, and track, their preferences — for example, we have clients who prefer e-books over hardcopy so when we gift them a book, it’s Kindle and not hardcopy and vise versa.
  • Create a special discount for one of your programs or all of your digital products and offer for a limited time.
  • Local business? Host a BBQ or Customer Appreciation Day and connect with everyone who comes.
  • Send “thank you for being a client” notes with a New Year’s gift.
  • Follow your customers on social media, share their stuff when it makes sense and surprise them with “congrats”, cards, etc.

“Get To Know Your Customer Day” is observed four times each year on the 3rd Thursday of each new quarter month. How will you observe?