Harvey, Roofs + Tolerations

headshot of Harvey Mackay

Have you read any of Harvey Mackay’s books?

I’ve read them all except his newest which came out this month. 

While Harvey owns several large businesses, I’ve taken much of what he’s taught and adapted it for my business.

It’s about learning/seeing what others are doing and asking yourself “How can I adapt this for my business/my style?”

For example, long before car wraps, he put branding on the roofs of his delivery trucks knowing that people in office buildings tend to look out the windows and down at the street. 

Procurement, admin staff, etc. ordered his products for their offices and would see his branding again and again with zero promotional budget after the initial roof painting/decals.

Get It Done Right and Escalate Members started seeing how I took this info and adapted it for my business last month. If you’d like to see, share your mailing address here and we’ll send you a sample — any business can do the same.

And on to “tolerations”…

These articles and notes will be in a different format, from a different provider starting next week. 

I’ve been using, scratch that, tolerating Constant Contact for too long. This week’s article is a day late because I couldn’t save anything yesterday. They knew it was an issue, pledged to send out a notice when fixed, never did. 

There have been several other instances over the last few months that made me realize it’s not the odd issue (which happens to everyone), it’s systemic and their lack of communication regarding issues (hoping we didn’t notice) combined with monthly cost quickly turned it into a toleration. Bye bye!

  • Issue + Communication = Understanding = Trust + Leeway (if not systemic)
  • Issue – Communication = Frustration + Evaluating Fees = Bye!

Agree? Disagree? What are you tolerating in your business?