Hey Entrepreneur! Perhaps It’s Time To Get A J O B

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I know, I know. . .get a “J O B”, what the heck could I possibly be talking about?!?!

After all, we’re all entrepreneurs, mavericks, no longer employable, determined to create movements while enjoying more and more freedom.

And, for some, all these make up the problem.

Entprepreneurs and business owners working from home, Starbucks, Borders, etc. HAVE to be self-motivated.  You have to have a “why” that’s strong enough to pull you forward, even when life’s tough.  Even when life outright sucks.

As an entrepreneur working out of the house, it’s much easier to let “life” interfere than if we “had” to get dressed, get in the car, head out to a job somewhere and be held accountable for the work we did/didn’t do by a boss who doesn’t want to know (and doesn’t care) about our personal lives.

People with jobs have to be productive, not just busy, or risk losing their job in a lousy economy.

If you find yourself blaming “life” for interfering with your productivity and business results, it’s time to get a job. 

Treat your business as a job, with an employer who’s holding you  accountable for results, for getting things done or else you’ll be fired and have to go get another job.  And, chances are, your new boss won’t be as great as your current one.  🙂

While it’s great to have freedom in your business, that freedom comes at a cost — the cost of getting things done, the right things which bring about the results necessary for your business to be sustainable — being “busy” isn’t enough. 

If you’ve found yourself blaming “life” for your not getting things done, it’s time to step back, craft a job description for yourself and get to work — after all, your business, and your “why”, are at risk.

And if you want some help figuring out the right things and how to do them. . .register for a Shot of Sandy session today — your business is worth it!