How businesses tick off potential customers

How Businesses Tick Off Potential Customers
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Recently, a long-time friend and client celebrated her wedding anniversary — 48 years. I called a florist in her town, ordered something very specific, confirmed they had it in stock and it would be delivered the next day, on her anniversary.

The afternoon it was supposed to be delivered, I received an email telling me it would not be due to “the Pandemic and supply chain issues” and they were cancelling my order.

This, for something I had confirmed was in stock the day before. I responded and received no response.

That evening, I received another email thanking me for my order and reminding me how pleased I and the recipient must be and what else would I like to order.

Ummm… nope, never.

Three days later, another email thanking me for my order and asking what else I’d like to order.

I unsubscribed.

It’s smart to set up automated workflows, provided you pull someone out of them when things go awry and not only do they never get their order, you don’t respond to them.


During a recent lunar eclipse (around 1am), I was up reading and popped over to Instagram to see if there were any pics of the Beaver Blood Moon as it was too cloudy for me to see here. I ended up taking a quiz — you know the type… no results without your email address (nothing wrong with this as long as the “results” provide some value).

The next morning I saw that my results arrived at 1:38am with a 57% discount if I purchase in the next 24 hours.

Then, at 3:38am another email curious why I haven’t yet purchased and noting that my 57% discount ends in 15 minutes.

And, at 7:37am, the “guilt email” telling me how she did a personalized plan for me and yet I still haven’t completed my order and, once again, the 57% off ends in 15 minutes.

Seriously??? Does the business owner even READ these emails?

Once again, I unsubscribed from something I was actually interested in purchasing.


My request to you regarding your email marketing and automations:

Take the time to go through your “Welcome” process, before someone becomes a paying client as well as the client onboarding process.

Are there places where your automation (or lack of) are serving as “sales prevention”?