How many ezine subs do you REALLY have?

I received a call from a very well-known information marketer recently asking if I'd be interested in being a featured guest on one of her teleseminars.

In order to "qualify" (she called me and yet I had to "qualify"), I had to have an ezine subscriber list of at least 5,000.

I thought a moment and then declined the call — for a simple reason:

Quality over quantity

I could easily tell her that I have 5,000, 10,000, heck…20,000 ezine subs, but that's not the number that matters.

What matters more is how many of my, and your, ezine subs actually OPEN your ezine.  Those are the numbers you care about.

If you have a list of 5,000 and 22% (the average, by the way) open your ezine, then your list is really 1,100.

And yet if you have a list of 2,500 and they're highly targeted and your ideal clients and you're open rate is 50% (and here I'm being conservative), you're list is actually 1,250 and HIGHER than the person with a "5,000 list".

It's about QUALITY, not quantity and it's my hope that more marketers will practice as well as preach this.

So how many ezine subs do you have?