How to Create a Client Follow-up Campaign

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WomanWithBook-mediumDo you have buyers, clients or raving fans?

While the first two may sound similar, they’re really not.  “Buyers” are interested in a “thing”, a product, a service, having a need met and they don’t care who provides the solution.  Price is often a determining factor.

“Clients” have a bit more of an affinity for us.  All things being equal, and sometimes a tad unequal, a client will choose you over other alternatives.

Then there are our “raving fans”.  Those who follow us, read our content, take action from our programs/products/services (PPS) and, when the PPS is in their best interest, choose us over others regardless of price.

The first, and most obvious, way to move someone from buyer to client and, ultimately raving fan, is to help them achieve the results they’re seeking with respect to the PPS they purchased.

Let’s assume you have a strong PPS (if not, focus there first).  Now it’s time to create a follow-up campaign to ensure your buyers and clients are well-served.

Here’s a sampling of one we’ve put in place and continue to tweak:

Immediate Follow-Up:  Depending on the purchase, consists of, at a minimum, a hand-written “thank you” card.  May also include a Welcome Kit and/or Welcome Letter explaining how to use the PPS.

1-3 Month Follow-Up:  Depending on the item purchased, a check in letter and branded item from our business (such as sticky notes).  We’ve added a survey about the PPS and their experience with us.

6 Month Follow-Up:  A check-up letter either offering the next step to their previous purchase or a way they can maximize what they’ve learned with a coupon for future learning.

1 Year Follow-Up:  We’ve started celebrating 1, 3 and 5 year anniversaries with gifts, a handwritten card and a PPS catalog.

18 Month Follow-Up:  Email follow-up with coupon for any program or product purchased within 90 days.

Additionally, cards are sent for the client’s birthday (if known) and select holidays.

Note that all connections are via snail mail except the 18-month check-in email.  That’s because the client will also be receiving all normal email communications: newsletter, resources, tips, promotions, etc.

What will your client follow-up campaign look like?

In creating, remember to track costs & resulting revenue & tweak to minimize one while maximizing the other.