How to Make Your Business Thrive Rather Than Survive

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It seems everywhere I turn I’m hearing about: 


1.  the recession

2.  why we *should discount* our services to get more business or

3.  why we should have a sale as a result of *the* summertime lull in business  


and yet I’m busier than ever and have just brought on two new team members and several of my clients are reporting record months.


Why the difference?


The answer is as complex as it is simple. There are several things those who are growing are doing:


  • Rather than gripe about the economy or gas prices, we’re consistently taking action (some small and some big) to grow and build our business.  

  • We’re willing to try new things – an offline direct mail campaign, a new program, a webinar series, etc. – and measure the results (just as important as the doing). Think of FOX TV’s slogan, rather than “think outside the box”, it’s “there is no box”.  

  • We invest in coaching and programs which support and challenge us.  

  • We recognize that having an assistant is a necessity, not a luxury – even if it’s for only 3 hours a month.

Notice a trend? Everything listed above can be traced back to a success mindset and constant action.


Always remember, knowledge without implementation is a waste; knowledge combined with implementation is a recipe for success.


Your Coaching Challenge


Every time you start to think something negative or limiting about your business, stop yourself and remember that, while you can’t change the past, you most definitely can affect the future.


Then immediately take ONE action to move your business forward: send an email to a potential client, sign up for an ezine service, sign up for a teleseminar, contact someone you’d like to coach with. You get the idea. 


Take just one action for each limiting thought and you’ll be thriving rather than surviving in no time!


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