Incorporating Extreme Client Care™ Into Your Programs, Products & Services

Extreme Client Care
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Extreme Client CareYour programs, products and services are a huge part of your Extreme Client Care™ and vice versa.

Extreme Client Care™ is all about setting yourself, your business apart. Creating a memorable experience that’s so good your clients and customers want to repeat it. . .again and again.

They’ll want to tell their friends and family about the awesome experience you provided and receive the “kudos” for turning others onto your business.

It’s a win all around.

How can you incorporate that “awesome experience” into every interaction, every program, product and service you offer?

It’s the *big* things of course:

  • how you treat your customers and clients
  • how well you deliver on your promises
  • how you talk about your customers and clients on social media
  • the way your programs, products and services make your clients feel

and it’s also the *little* things which often turn out to be not-so-little:

  • gift wrapping items sent via mail
  • handwritten “thank you” cards
  • how you answer the phone

having water, tea, coffee, sugar, creamer, a frozen pizza or other goodies and board games at your rental property for when new guests arrive

AnticipateHow can you tweak, or overhaul, your programs, products and services to ensure that they’re *yours* and not easily duplicated by others?

The more steps, brand nuances, value, special things and *you* that exists in your programs, products and services, the less others will be willing and able to copy it and the more unique your business becomes.

A local book cafe, Somethin’s Brewin, has special coffee drinks created by its staff. You can’t get a “Crazy Kelly” anywhere else, simply because nowhere else has “Kelly”.

Now you may not have a “Crazy Kelly”, but what do you have?

How can you customize your offerings to meet the needs of your clients and customers?

While speaking with a client last year, she mentioned that none of my programs were what she was looking for. She wanted to be able to schedule a call when she needed one, not when the calendar said it was time.

So, rather than create a big program with tons of things my client didn’t want or need, the best client care we could give her was to take things away. The Simply Sandy Program was born.

It’s not always about adding on, sometimes it’s about taking things away to provide the experience your clients and customers crave.

What tweaks or overhauls are you going to make? I’d love to hear about them.