Is your ezine going the way of the dinosaurs?

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We all know why we should put out an ezine, after all, marketing gurus have forever told us “the money’s in the list” and the list needs an ezine, but my question is “Why should anyone choose to get your ezine?”

Let’s take a look at things as they are today:

  • Studies show that if you have an ezine, you’re likely to have a blog and post regularly to it so readers can get your thoughts there.
  • You’re probably submitting your articles to article directories to further build your exposure and spread the word so readers can get your articles there.
  • If you’re staying current with marketing, you’re out on Twitter and Facebook and are linking your articles and blog posts to each of those so readers can keep up with you there.

WOW. . .sounds like I’m making a pretty compelling argument that we shouldn’t be putting out ezines — after all, why do all the work if readers can get the information elsewhere?

Truth is, that’s not my thought at all. Email newsletters or “ezines” are a fabulous way to maintain contact with your peeps and are a great place to share things that you’re up to.

However, given all the other places your clients and potential clients can read your information and hear about what you’re doing, your ezine needs to offer something special, something different that they can’t get anywhere else — essentially a reward for them to keep receiving, and opening, it each issue.

Make It Real: My Request to You

What can you do starting with your next ezine to “up the ante” and ensure that when your clients and potential clients are clearing out their inbox, your ezine is never even considered for unsubscription?

Here are a few ideas to ponder:

  • Offer “reader only” teleseminars
  • Offer to showcase a different reader’s business each issue in a “spotlight”
  • Offer to review something from a reader each issue (just be sure this is within your expertise)
  • Offer “reader only” incentives — extra bonuses with products, etc.
  • Break out of the standard ezine mold and do something a little different with yours — for example, I like to share information about my clients in every issue — what can you do?

So what are you going to do differently from here on out to ensure that your ezine is consistently opened and read?

I’d love to hear your thoughts (just hit “reply” and send them over). . .