I’ve been fired!

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Trump It's true. . .my Team received word this week that I've been fired as a client from a tech firm.

It seems that my requests:

  • for communication on the status of outstanding projects when the deadline had passed and
  • for projects not be given to a junior tech without someone reviewing before I see "final" work due to numerous rounds of corrections

has made me an undesirable client.

On the positive side, we were already searching for a replacement. 🙂

It blows my mind that this company viewed my requests as "excessive" and is a testament to the fact that not all companies care about their client service.

This comes on the heels of Nancy Marmolejo's blog post about a lack of customer service at a school she was checking out for her daughter.  A school of all places…

It's time that we, as clients, start rewarding companies who practice Extreme Client Care(tm) with great customer service and boycotting those who don't. 

In this new economy, the rules are simple. . .those who get things done, stay focused on the big (and little) picture, act with integrity AND are client-focused grow and prosper. 

The rest? Well, they won't exist as businesses for long.