Lessons From My First Periscope

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Lake Rico
Lake Rico

Life in the home office…some days are great and some days are, just plain noisy.

Today was a noisy day.  Grabbed the laptop, my notes and off I went to work from a local lake.  While there, decided to host a Periscope (my first).

And then the cars chose to drive by. . .possibly the entire town’s worth.

So off to the park.

Set up my little tripod, got comfy and kicked it off.  Then. . .

3 Periscope Lessons:

  1. If you’re outside in a super quiet location, a loud truck will drive by.  Accept it.
  2. Outside? A gust of wind will tip over your tripod no matter how well you think you’ve secured it. Accept it.
  3. Jot some bullets down. Otherwise you may lose your place when something distracts you (see 1 and 2 above).

While it wasn’t an outright disaster, it was pretty close.  Stuff happens — what matters is how we react to it.

This isn’t to scare you away from hosting your own Periscope, far from it.  Just know that it may not go as planned and that’s totally okay. 🙂