Marketing Mess of the Week

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I was recently debating about attending a very high end workshop this spring and, in reviewing the sales page, noticed several things:

  1. There were 2 different prices within about 3 inches of space and all related to the current day and time (so "no", I wasn't reading a "regular" versus "early bird" price).

  2. When I clicked to purchase the full-pay option, there was a THIRD price, so just for fun, I clicked on the multi-pay option and, you guessed it, a fourth price not seen before emerged.

  3. There were two sets of conflicting dates on the site and the event location was given very broadly so I had no real idea WHERE I'd be going (I understand and agree with not listing hotel info, but I do need to know what city I'm flying into when determining cost).

  4. I tried to call the business owner to give her a heads up, but couldn't get through on any of the extensions given on rather long, and very "insurance company corporate" sounding voicemail.

I made the decision pretty quick not to attend.  After all, I couldn't reach a live person, I didn't know what city the event was in, there were conflicting dates on the site and I didn't know what the price was.

Why am I sharing this with you?

It's not to embarrass the business owner (reason I'm not providing name or website).  It is however to ask you to take your time when putting an offer "out there" and either double check the information yourself or hire a team worth their salt to do it for you.

All of the above has resulted in my not attending (or promoting) a pretty expensive workshop and possibly signing up for more programs as a result.  After all, if this sales page was THIS sloppy, what does it say of the rest of the business?

Do you want to take that chance with your prospects and clients?