Membership Systems: Why Simplicity Matters

A former client reached out with a problem. 

None of the videos on their membership platform worked. The video descriptions were still there, but not the videos. 

Like many others, this particular program is primarily video-based. And now, members couldn’t access anything. 

The issue was simple and affected everything. 

An expired credit card on their Vimeo account brought down their $1000+/mo membership program.

Obviously the fix was just as simple: Update the credit card and the videos “magically” reappeared. 

When setting up your programs, whether membership, coaching or otherwise, you want to use as few systems as possible. 

Keeping as much as you can on a single platform avoids the issues that can happen when you “daisy chain” systems.

Our recommendation:

Use a system such as Kajabi (this is our referral link and gives you a 30-day f.r.e.e trial) which allows you to collect payment (one-time or recurring) and the member to immediately get a system-generated login (even at 2am) so they can jump right in without waiting for your team to set them up. 

All pdfs, videos and audios are uploaded directly to the platform so everything is in one place, there are no links to break and they have a community aspect if you want to avoid something like a f.r.e.e. Facebook group.

This also works for online courses and group coaching programs where you want members to have access to videos, templates, etc. It’s great customer service to have one place for them to go rather than make them search their emails. 

A note on this… I just completed a $6K group program where the hosts sent everything out via email. Zoom links that we all couldn’t access, pdfs that were too big, emails that kept going to spam, etc. It doesn’t surprise me that almost no one continued. While the program content was great, the back end/ops were a nightmare from the participant perspective.

Regardless of what you’re offering your clients, think of the easiest way FOR THEM to receive/consume it. 

And, if you do decide to use multiple systems to deliver your coaching or membership programs, pay annually when it makes sense (you get a discount!) and add your credit card expiration dates to your calendar and assign someone the task of managing them.