Multiple Streams of Income — Begin Your Journey

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Have you ever seen the movie “Bridge Jones Diary”?

There’s a scene in it where Bridget notes that one of her friends had one hit song in the 1980s and realized that was more than enough to carry him through the 1990s and so didn’t bother doing anything new.

When you look at your business, have you TRULY set it up for success in the long term?

By this I mean, are you offering, and marketing, more than one product or service or are all your eggs in one basket?

If they are, no problem. . .acknowledge it and start to build another nest or learn to market the other products/services you have and can offer.

There was a time when over 60% of my revenue came from one client and my clients have had as much as 90% of revenue coming from one source.

This is a dangerous place to be, especially (sorry, have to say it) in this new economy.

It’s time for you to think outside the box — here’s an example from one of my clients:

Heidi focused on marketing herself as a bookkeeper. She’s an amazing one (I’ve used her), but she also has this natural skill of streamlining and optimizing computer systems so they run faster than they, or you, ever imagined.

She would “just do” all this computer optimization “stuff” because it was easier for her if her clients’ computers ran efficiently. She never thought about actually charging for this service — despite her clients telling her how much easier their lives were as a result.

Can you see where Heidi originally had a “one hit wonder” business and, with a little tweaking to her marketing, was able to create a second stream of income from existing, as well as new, clients?

Make It Real. . .My Request to You

Knowing the above and seeing businesses around you either thrive or fail, what step can you take right now, today to change things?

  • Is it a phone call to a prospective client or joint venture partner?
  • Is there a service that you *just do* for your clients that you can (and should) be charging for?
  • Is it the information page for that product you’ve had “on the shelf”?
  • Is it signing up for an affiliate program of someone you admire and sharing their products/services?
  • Is it scheduling that teleseminar to get more people on your list or to share a new program with them

What *one thing* can you do today to actually create multiple streams of revenue for tomorrow?

You’ll notice that I’m asking for only one step today. . .and other tomorrow. . .and a third the next day. Before you know it, you’ll have that new revenue!