PayPal Changes, Postal Increases and 1099-K’s… oh my!

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A few snippets that may affect you/your business:

  1. Effective this past Sunday, US postal rates increased. A First Class stamp is now $0.60 (up $0.02). Check out the rest of the rates on’s site here — scroll down to see the chart. Even with this increase, targeted direct mail is still a good investment — and snail mail as part of a retention plan is an even stronger investment.
  2. Use P-a-y-P-a-l? You’ll want to check out the image below and get details here. While fees are changing, the bigger change is in sending/receiving funds between a personal and business account. All changes go into effect on July 28th.
  3. Heard of a 1099-K? The threshold to receive used to be $20K or 200 transactions — it’s been lowered to $600 in the 2022 tax year. Learn more in this article on

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