Sell? Root canal? Which would you rather do?

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This is a guest post from Faina Sechzer of

Do any of the following resonate with you:

  • When thinking of having a sales conversation, you feel a sense of dread.
  • To avoid selling you make yourself busy with other business activities.
  •  When you pick up the phone for a sales conversation your palms get sweaty and your heart races.
  • You feel pushy or “not yourself” throughout the call.
  • You want to immediately discount your fees as a way to get sales.
  • When the prospect says “no”, you feel rejected or embarrassed, and question your value.  It’s personal.
  • You question if you are really cut out to be in business.

If these thoughts and feelings sound familiar,  you are like most of my clients.

Most likely, you chose to be in your business, because you love to help and serve, not because you love to sell.  Most of my clients find selling to be the least liked activity in their business.

Why do otherwise competent people with great valuable services to offer feel like frauds doing it? Do you have to be born with the “sale” gene in order to be good at sales? If you are not born with this gene, can you replace sales conversations by a “sale” web-page?

These are the questions that many business owners struggle to answer and the reason Sandy and I are hosting a complimentary teleclass: Discover how to love sales, even if, today, you’d rather dig ditches” on December 12.

And because I don’t want you to have wait and wonder, here are a few answers to the above questions:

1. There are many reasons why business owners feel uncomfortable, not their own self, or pushy.  One is the perception that selling involves manipulation, since we all come across salespeople who use manipulation to get a sale.  Another reason, they sell in a way that is not congruent with their personality or values, because that’s how they have been taught sales.

2. No, you don’t have to be born with the sales gene to feel good about selling. You can learn the skills required and you already have most of them, it’s just a matter of discovering and tapping into them.

3. No, a sales page alone can’t replace sales conversations.  Conversations need to occur, particularly if your goal is to offer and fill higher-end packages and services.

Sales is critical to the success of your business. Turning selling from the work you dread to the work you like, can have a dramatic impact not only on your bottom line, but your overall happiness with your business.

Discover how to master the art of selling, including a 5 phase plan for doing it, on December 12th by clicking here and registering for the complimentary teleclass (and yes, there will be a replay if you can’t make it live).

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