Decision Making By Default: Is Your Biz Suffering?

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Decision Making By DefaultI recently read a blog post titled “Which Road Will You Take” by Carol Hess and that post inspired this one as well as an audio tip for members of my Get It Done Right community (talk about the power of a post!).  🙂

Carol shares a great picture at the bottom of her post: a woman faced with two choices, which one will she choose?

Reality is often not that simple however. . .there’s a 3rd choice and that’s the one I see so often: the default choice.  The “I’m not sure which one to do, so I’ll do nothing” choice.

This “choice” as it were is actually you abdicating your right to make a decision, a choice for you, your business and your life.  You see, “no decision” IS a decision and it costs you every time — if not always in time and money, most certainly in self confidence about your abilities.

Here’s how it often happens — since Carol’s post inspired this one, let’s use her to make this example more “real”:

  1. Business owner often struggles when coming up with topics/content for her business/client connection.
  2. Business owner has an opportunity to sign up for a $97 strategy session* with a well-qualified writing coach on creating a list of article/blog post/ezine/teleseminar/social media topics which will inspire her and speak to her ideal clients’ wants and needs.
  3. Business owner thinks of all the reasons why she should do it. Then all the reasons why she shouldn’t do it.
  4. Business owner postpones decision.
  5. Business owner forgets about opportunity and all the results it would bring her.
  6. Business owner continues to struggle.

Decision making by default: Letting your business, your life “happen” rather than you actively engaging and taking ownership.

I once heard of a productivity tip: “handle each piece of paper only once”.  It holds true for decisions as well:

  • Do your research, get the facts.
  • Actively make your decision.
  • Move on.

Imagine how much simpler and profitable your business would be if you fully participated in every choice, every decision in your business and life. 

If inspired, I’d love to hear your thoughts on “default decision making” below. . .

* And if you’d like to check out Carol’s amazing offer, you can do so at