[SmarTiniTip] Is Your Writing Doing MINIMUM Triple Duty?

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When it comes to the online marketing of your business, one of the best things you can do is write and distribute articles.

While many business owners are writing (think of all the ezines you get), many are only doing half the work when it comes to distributing their articles.

There are three main types of distribution:

1. Article Directories

2. Article Submission Sites or Software

3. Reaching out to ezine publishers

When they first come to me, I find that most of my clients are only doing #1, if that.

Let's do a quick recap of what each represents:

1. Article Directories

This is where you (or your team) manually post an article to a site such as Ezine Articles or Best Article Marketer.

There are thousands of these sites and the challenge is knowing which is the best ones to spend your time posting to.

2. Article Submission Sites or Software

This is where you (or your team) post an article once (either to the article submission site or software) and it then distributes it out to other sites across the web.

Article submission sites are usually subscription based (you pay monthly) and my absolute favorite is Submit Your Article

Once you set it up and indicate which sites you want it to post to, it does it automatically each time you post an article.  And, even better, you can give it alternate article titles or a sentence here and there and it will "plug them in" and rotate so that there are different versions of your article online.  LOVE THIS!

I've never used article submission software and so can't comment on which works.

3. Reaching out to ezine publishers

Using a tool such as the Directory of Ezines, you can research which ezines in your industry/niche accept guest articles and then send them your articles for publishing in their ezines.

It's amazing how much exposure you can get with a little article repurposing!  And we haven't even gone into all the other ways you can repurpose your articles, tips, social media, checklists, etc.

If you're feeling the crunch of the current economy, now, more than ever, your work needs to be doing at least triple duty for you.  For more information, check out How to Repurpose Your Work!