The cure for entrepreneurial burnout

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honey,garlic and lemonWOW! Last week’s article on burnout inspired more responses than I imagined. . .with most of them starting with “How did you know?” or “You just described me!”

So it’s only natural that we talk about the cure for burnout.

First, there are several and it often differs for each of us. That said, you’ll likely find your cure in the below – provided you follow-through:

  • Boost your creativity. You can take a walk in nature, put green wallpaper on your computer, pick up the phone, take a short nap, or talk out an issue with someone not involved.
  • Readjust your vision. So rather than think of yourself as a home security installer, note that, at the core, you’re a person who runs wires. And see how that opens things up for you in terms of what you do (in this example, you could become a home theater expert).
  • Get an outside perspective. Paulette Ensign of (a teleseries I’m enrolled in starting this evening) is one of my “go to” people for out of the box, refreshing and honest takes on situations.
  • Stop doing what doesn’t work. If you’ve played the lone ranger in your business and things aren’t working out the way you wish, get help. Form a mastermind with colleagues, create a brainstorming group, join a support and educational program like our Get It Done Right Community, schedule a strategy session or take a fresh look at what makes your business uniquely you through Shawn Driscoll’s Create Your Signature Program.
  • Take a break. Put simply, walk away for an afternoon, a day or a few. While your gut reaction is going to be “I can’t take the time”, it’s exactly now that you need to take the time. When you come back, things will be clearer.

And the most effective way to cure burnout? Stop reinventing yourself. Knowing what your business does, at its core, and building your programs, products and services around that, combined with adhering to your values and implementing a consistent marketing campaign built from a place of Extreme Client Care™ will ensure that you’ll attract the right clients and customers without having to wear the “cloak of the day”.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them. . .please write them in the Comments section below.