The Oregon Files: A lesson in presenting & marketing

Clive Cussler with stack of books
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Have you read any of Clive Cussler’s books? His most well-known series are “Dirk Pitt Adventures”.

I read those years ago and recently came across another of his series: The Oregon Files

Anyone who presents, teaches or hosts workshops and feels like they’re sharing the same info again and again will benefit from reading/listening to a few of The Oregon Files books.

Cussler does a brilliant job of sharing the same information in different ways so that each book can stand on its own – so the reader doesn’t miss key info by not having read the 15 books in order.

And, at the same time, for those of us who have read the 15 books in order, the info feels fresh, even though we’ve read it 14 times previously.

It’s not boringly repetitive, even though it easily could be.

Next time you’re looking for different ways to present the same info so it feels fresh for you and your listeners, check out a couple books from The Oregon Files.