Twitter Autoreply For New Followers No Longer Working? The fix is here. . .

Do you have your Twitter set up to automatically reply whenever someone adds you as a friend?

You know, that Twitter, Tweetlater, Outlook concoction?

If so, have you noticed that your inbox is starting to fill up with Twitter emails?

The great news about rules and making things automatic is when it works, you don't have to think about a thing — it all works seamlessly, making things effortless for you.

The not-so-great news is that when something goes wrong, everything stops and you're wondering what happened.

If you've recently found that your Twitter autoreplies aren't working, check the "from" line on the Twitter emails.  You'll notice that they've changed it from to "twitter-follow-…" (and a whole string which includes your information and ends with …

Step 2: Open your Outlook Rules & Alerts and edit (click CHANGE RULE, then select "Edit rule settings") the Twitter rule to change the "from" to the new Twitter return email address by doubleclicking on the "Twitter" in the rule box and typing the return email address in.

Step 3: Click OK

Step 4: Click FINISH.

You're now all set and all future Twitter follows will be handled as before — at least until the next change.  🙂

So what do you do about all the Twitter follows that are still sitting in your inbox from when the rule stopped working?


Make sure you're in your Outlook folder which contains your Twitter emails (mine go to my general Inbox since I know they're going right back out…where do yours go?), then:

Step 1: Open your Outlook Rules & Alerts

Step 2: Click RUN RULES NOW

Step 3: Check off your Twitter rule

Step 4: Click RUN NOW and watch your inbox shrink

Step 5: Click CLOSE

Step 6: Click OK

Whew!  You're all set and can get back to tweeting!

And remember, taking a few moments now to keep everything automatic will save you hours upon hours going forward.