We had a cup of coffee and then he wanted to get married

Coffee To Married Blog

Have you ever had that feeling after having a conversation with someone?

Before you’ve had a chance to get to know each other and build a relationship?

That’s what many coaches, consultants, podcast guests and websites do, many without realizing it.

“Hi, this is who I am, hire me.”

Doing it better:

  • As a podcast guest: Share your stuff and end with “Want to learn more? Download this complimentary checklist/ebook/template/e-course/goodie.”
  • Talking with someone who wants to know how you work with clients: “Here’s a case study from a recent client engagement to give you a feel for what we do.”
  • Share your point of view and expertise on your site, in your articles, blog posts, social media… everywhere so your ideal prospects get to know you/what you stand for even before you speak. Doing this well means ensures you’re only talking to those who are ideal prospects as opposed to everyone.

How does the above look for your business? Feeling good about where things are? Are you the cobbler without shoes? Somewhere in between?