What I’m Reading: “Double Dip”

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Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of the ice cream company that bears their names, share their philosophy in Double Dip .

Here’s one example from the book:

"Right from the beginning, even though the business wasn’t making any money, we were always thinking up new excuses to give away ice cream. When we opened our first shop in the old gas station we had our Grand Opening Special: buy one, get one free.

Then we started giving away cones at random to people waiting on the ice cream line. Then we had free cones for all mothers on Mother’s Day. Visibly expectant mothers got two. To promote winter sales, we held the Penny Off per Celsius Degree Below Zero Winter Extravaganza, thereby turning a liability (being located in a very cold winter town) into an asset."

It’s this type of creative entrepreneurial thinking that has made Ben & Jerry’s one of the best selling ice cream brands in the world.

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