When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Focused: Creating Cash Flow with Email Marketing

Join me and Lisa Almeida of Planit Production for a fun and informative session on generating cash flow through email marketing this Thursday, December 4th at 2pm Eastern.

You’ll learn the following in this 60-minute call:

  • Why online marketing is important for EVERY business, no matter your industry
  • How to launch an online marketing campaign in less than 1 week – even if you don’t have a website or have never bought or sold a single thing online
  • The three essential ingredients to online marketing success for beginners and veterans
  • A simple strategy you can implement immediately to generate holiday cash flow plus how to duplicate those results throughout the year

Click here to sign up today (and yes. . .the call will be recorded in case you can’t join us live – although you’ll miss out on the live spot coaching)!