Why people invest with some businesses and not others

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TrustThe Question…Ultimately, why do people invest with some online businesses and not others?

Posed to me via a Virtual Day Deep Dive preparation form, I thought it was a great question to answer in today’s newsletter.

The answer, essentially, comes down to trust:

  • Are you trusted to do what you say you’ll do?
  • Is there social proof that others trust you?
  • Do you trust in your abilities and then follow through?
  • And, when you make a mistake, can you be trusted to own up and do your best to make it right?

All else being equal (meaning you’re offering what people want/need), the more you’re trusted, the more sales you’ll make.

It’s important to note that “not being trusted” doesn’t mean anything’s wrong, it only means, in the eyes of your potential customer or client, you/your business haven’t yet done anything to earn/build trust.

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