Wise Words From David Neagle

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I attended a one-day seminar with David Neagle last year and
he said something which stuck with me.  To paraphrase…

When you get clear about what you want and you start taking
action to change old habits and move toward your goal, the Universe, at times,
will throw up roadblocks to ensure you REALLY want to be on your new
path.  If you back down, you don’t want it enough.  If you plow
through the roadblocks, you’ll get what you want. 
As I mentioned in an update to everyone, things since Tucson
were going fabulous for me. This week…not so much:

  • I was rushed to the hospital because I couldn’t easily
    breathe on Wednesday.  It turns out I have pleurisy (an infection in the
    lining of my lung) which they think was caused by my ribs pushing down and
    enflaming some muscles which in turn put too much pressure on my lung.
    This put me out of commission for 2 ½ days between the hospital stay,
    convincing people that my hubby doesn’t abuse me (due to bruised ribs which I
    can’t explain how I have) and recovering from the painkillers.  I should
    be back to normal within a week and for the first time ever, I had to
    reschedule coaching calls.
  • My lovely new wallet (which I ADORE) now has a
    permanent stain (want to guess where I’m going after this posting?) caused by a
    plastic bag leaking its contents onto it.
  • I lost internet for about 12 hours – as I was
    prepping for a new product launch (which was delayed as a result).

There’s more, but you get the idea…enough upstream there.
The downstream of it is that I am NOT giving up, I AM
plowing through these little “tests of faith” as I think of them and I AM
manifesting my dreams!

If the Universe decides to test you, please join with me and
plow through, keeping the faith!  We WILL manifest our dreams!