Working From Home

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There are several pros/cons to working from home.  The pros are pretty obvious:

  • no commute
  • no "boss" over your shoulder
  • eat whenever and whatever you want
  • shower in the morning…or not
  • no dress code
  • work whenever best fits your schedule (depending on what you do)
  • ability to run errands during 9-to-5

The cons, while few, have the ability to sink your business if you don’t address them immediately:

  • remaining motivated while working
  • ability to handle the lack of "water cooler" chatting without spending all day on forums or IM looking for someone to kibbitz with
  • ability to treat your business as a BUSINESS and not as your life

I was reflecting on these this morning as my neighbors were all rushing off to work and I was walking around the yard clipping fresh roses for my desk (5 bushes are simultaneously blooming) as I prepare to work on a speech I’m giving next week for the New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce on Conscious Marketing: How to Get More Clients, More Often without Selling.

In addition to all the other benefits, working from home is really about the simple pleasures.

Enjoy your day,