3 things to solve before 2016


threeWOW! The comments are still pouring in on last week’s Sales Primer article. Interestingly, the comments are coming in via email rather than posts on my blog.

The next sentence explains why.

The business owners emailing are sharing that often the reason they “rush” to have a sale is that they need money or realize they’ve been losing it. This week I wanted to focus on some of the reasons why.

Do you need to solve, not simply resolve, any of these issues in your business?

  1. Working with clients who aren’t a good fit. If you dread picking up the phone when it rings and it’s “that” client or you cringe when a new email comes in, it’s time to move on. The energy drain and “recovery time” in working with this client is too high. If you don’t have an ideal client profile, it’s time to create/update one and use it as a benchmark for who you choose to work with. Your customers, clients and patients are giving you money. . .you’re giving them your time, energy and knowledge. It’s your sandbox — play with those you like.
  1. Lacking systems. You’re losing thousands (more likely tens of thousands) of dollars a year. Without systems, you’re constantly reinventing the wheel (more time/money drains) or paying a team member to recreate it for you. Here are just some of the systems we have at The Martini Way:
    • Email processing
    • New client welcome
    • How this newsletter goes out
    • Blog /LinkedIn Pulse/social media posts
    • Task management
    • Scheduling
    • New product/program rollout – from creation to marketing to fulfillment
  2. Searching for the Savior. Buying every new piece of software on the market, enrolling in course after course and buying books that you never have time to read. . .chances are you’re so busy looking for that *one thing* which will make all the difference that you’re overwhelmed and not actually implementing the things which WILL make a difference. There are several ways to build your business and they all start with consistent action.

If you had 10 seconds to identify how your business is losing money or “leaving money on the table”, what would you say? Hit “reply” and let me know. Typically this intuitive answer is spot on.

In full and unwavering support of you and your business,

Sandy 🙂

PS: I could add several more reasons to this list, but these 3 tend to be the root causes behind most other symptoms.